Providing Convenient Healthcare for the Entire Family for Over 25 Years



Burke Primary Care’s team of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and healthcare professionals strive to provide Burke County and the surrounding western North Carolina communities with comprehensive medical care and treatment for patients of all ages.

Burke Primary Care has extended hours: 8 to 8, M-F and 8 to Noon on Saturdays, allowing same day acute care appointments for colds, coughs, flu, bronchitis, earaches, burns, cuts, bruises, sprains, rashes, skin conditions and other illnesses that have occurred in the past 24-48 hours. Photo features 3 members of Burke Primary Care's Scheduling Team.

Burke Primary Care provides direct healthcare and coordination of specialty medical care for chronic diseases and illnesses including Asthma - Diabetes - Hypertension - Heart Problems - Muscular and Skeletal Problems - High Cholesterol - Nicotine Habit and Chronic Lung Disease - Weight Management - Depression and Anxiety - Cancer Care - Stomach Problems - Occupational Health Problems


Morganton Diabetes Care & Management

Burke Primary Care offers specialized diabetes care and a disease management program to help diabetic patients and their families as they cope with the diabetic diagnosis and changes needed in lifestyle and healthcare.

The diabetes care program at Burke Primary coordinates treatment and disease management to help diabetics take control of their condition. Burke Primary’s one-on-one diabetic education and counseling is lead by Tara Mode, a specially trained RN who works in partnership with the patient’s physicians and other healthcare providers. Click here for recipes for healthier living from our diabetes management team.

Occupational Health

Burke Primary Care provides a dedicated staff lead by Bill Vaassen, PA-C for the treatment of work related injuries, drug testing, pre-employment screenings, CDL exams and OSHA screenings.


Burke Primary’s On-site Lab in Morganton

As a convenience to patients, Burke Primary Care has an on-site, certified lab for many common screenings and tests including CBC, Urinalysis, HgbA1c (Hemoglobin / blood sugar), Strep, Mononucleosis (Mono), Influenza (Flu), H-Plyori, Glucose Tolerance, Pregnancy and other diagnostic lab work. There is also an on-site collection station for all other lab testing. Photo features Ashley Holland, MLT.

Procedures Available On-site Include:

I & D abscess - Suturing Lacerations (cuts) - Removal of Wax in the ears - Spirometry - Oxymetry - E.K.G. - Exercise Stress Test - Holter Monitors - Punch Biopsy - Excision Biopsy - Excision of Moles - IV Fluids and Infusions - Treatment of Hemorrhoids


Scanner As an added convenience for our patients we have an on-site x-ray department that can perform most x-rays allowing us to diagnose fractures, pneumonia, heart failure, as well as other medical conditions.

We, also have on-site bone density testing with a state-of-the-art full body DEXA machine. This allows us to diagnose patients in the early stages of Osteoporosis and we are able to offer prevention and treatment options. The DEXA scanner can also determine total and regional body fat analysis.

Pediatric Healthcare for Morganton & Burke County

Burke Primary Care provides care and medical coordination for all childhood ailments as well as, well-child checks, school physicals, sports physicals, and immunizations. We will also take care of newborns upon discharge from the hospital.

Morganton Adolescent Healthcare

Burke Primary Care doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioner and healthcare support staff are committed to wellness care and medical treatment coordination for all adolescent sicknesses.

Burke Primary offers physicals for school and college entrance, sports physicals and medical treatment for seasonal and late childhood illnesses. Serving Burke County for more than 25 years, the experienced physicians at Burke Primary Care work with families through the transitions and challenges of teenage years.

Healthcare for Men in Morganton

Burke Primary Care provides care and medical coordination for all adult male ailments plus annual physicals, including screening for prostate cancer, colon cancer, management of chronic medical illnesses and comprehensive screening for heart disease and cancer.

Women’s Healthcare

At Burke Primary Care, we provide care and medical coordination for all adult female ailments and issues including annual physicals with pap and breast exam, menopausal management, osteoporosis management, thyroid evaluation, counseling and management of chronic medical illnesses.

Morganton and Burke County Inpatient Hospital Care

All Burke Primary Care physicians have admitting privileges at Grace Hospital, which is part of the Blue Ridge Health Care System including Grace Hospital in Morganton and Valdese Hospital in Valdese, NC.

Burke Primary Care patients receive inpatient services by Carolina Inpatient Medical Specialists, a physician group with special training in providing hospital-based treatment for our hospitalized patients in Grace or Valdese Hospitals.

Burke Primary Care physicians work closely with Carolina Inpatient physicians to insure hospitalized patients receive the highest level of care during their transition back to Burke Primary Care.

Morganton Nursing Home Care

Burke Primary Care provides a dedicated physician and family nurse practitioner to offer advocacy, compassionate care and treatment for patients who chose nursing home care. Burke Primary serves patients being cared for at Grace Ridge Retirement Community, Grace Heights Health & Rehabilitation Center, Autumn Care Nursing Home and College Pines Health & Rehabilitation Center.